I Write, You Laugh: Volume 1

Michael Levetown, Staff Writer

There are no perfect humans on the planet earth. People look up to celebrities and believe that they are perfect. In reality, none of these famous people are perfect. Well except Channing Tatum (yum), he has it going on. Magic Mike is the reason why I call myself Michael. I truly believe that Channing Tatum is the resurrection of King Tutankhamun and Bruce Lee. You may be wondering why I bring this up. I bring this up because I got my own column now and I can write or say whatever I want! I can also say all the girls doing the Kylie Jenner Challenge look very dumb. I feel like a Greek God, the freedom to say what I want. I even have the first amendment to back me up! Am I right Thomas Jefferson? “Yes Michael you are, and that’s why I wrote the Constitution. See I was also a columnist for the Saxon Scope.” I can also say that I hate a teacher. Do you not believe me? Watch this. I hate Mrs……..

Well apparently my teacher has let me know that I can’t say that or I will lose my column. I’ll see you guys next week. 😉