What’s Not in the iPhone 6


Brandon Arcari, News Editor

On Tuesday, September 10, 2014, Apple introduced the newest product in their popular iPhone mobile phone lineup. Sporting two bigger screen options, upgrades to all the internal components, a new physical design, and a few new features, including Apple Pay™ and iOS 8, the iPhone 6 is a new revolution for the company that originally revolutionized the mobile phone.

Before its release, there were many rumors surrounding the iPhone 6, some were proven true, but many were false. The false claims made about the iPhone 6 included that it would include a sapphire screen, which would have increased crack resistance. Additionally, there was a suggestion that the iPhone 6 would feature a stylus, which would have been a major contradiction from the original intent and direction of the iPhone under late founder Steve Jobs. Other rumors, which were much less prevalent were that the iPhone 6 would feature haptic feedback, which is a type of vibration and resistance on the screen manipulation, which would have changed what the screen felt like depending what was on it; fabric if browsing clothes, paper if in Notes, and a light up Apple logo on the back a la the MacBook computer line.