Food? in the halls? langley welcomes the breakfast cart

NaHe Jeon

Shrey Dua.

Shrey Dua, Reporter

Every morning generally goes one of two ways:

I wake up at 6, take a shower, brush my teeth, put on some clothes, put my lunch in my backpack, and rush out the door while my mom “advises” me to grab some breakfast before I leave.

Yet who has the time to enjoy a nutritious bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch when the bus is about to zoom by any moment? This one bowl, however, could affect my Algebra 2 quiz that may decide my grade in the class.

Breakfast has always been a tricky subject. Being able to eat breakfast, while still waking up as late as possible and catching the bus has been difficult to juggle. Not anymore with the new addition of the breakfast cart in the morning. Anyone can now enjoy a wonderful breakfast, of cereal, Powerade, and hidden valley nature bars.

Every morning, from around 6 A.M. to the time school starts at 7:20, there is a perfectly placed food cart outside the main office, available to everyone and anyone willing to play for it. Thus ends the days of grumbling stomachs during class, the days of missing the bus for the noble pursuit of food. Now begins the days of eating breakfast during Algebra and Chemistry.