Review: Perks of Being a Wallflower


Matthew Reichenbach

I’ve never read a book quite like POBAW. It’s different than most books in that certain parts of the book allow you to be able to relate to the characters but other parts are super out of the ordinary but at the same time seem so normal. Personally, I could relate to many parts of the book, I loved how the characters interact with each other and how they develop certain relationships with each other, it’s special, you learn about these characters and their deepest feelings, especially Charlie. Charlie has many internal problems and these are applied throughout the whole book, his aunt dies and he feels as if it was his fault, he constantly blames himself and resorts to drugs and the like to help cope with these feelings. You feel bad for Charlie, and want to keep reading in order to find out what happens next to Charlie and what the next day will bring for him. The book is written in the first person in Charlie’s view; it’s like reading his daily journal. It really makes a difference in how I viewed the book as the words flew out of the book and caused tears to start streaming down my face. By the time I was half way done, I felt like I was Charlie and was involving myself in his every thought and action. The way he talks about his love for Sam (this killed me, for sure) and his involvement in his friend Patrick’s life, all three of them are a team. The book revolves around this group, “Wallflowers” and how they are a group of misfits present in the high school lifestyle. It’s a book meant for high school students and should be read by high school students. The themes present are so relatable and offer a way for you to say, “Hey, I’ve felt the same way too!” or “Wow, what in god’s name are these people even doing with their lives.” Yes, this book can be depressing and can make your life seem boring but I loved it at the same time. The book is amazing; it captures the totality of the teenage attitude and lifestyle. After reading the book, I highly suggest you watch the movie after reading as it offers you a great visual representation that this awesome book presents for itself.