New security measures at Langley: the con argument

Shrey Dua, Copy Editor

Everyone knows about the horrific massacre that took place at Sandy Hook Elementary School. It was a completely unwarranted, unprecedented and terrifying event that changed the lives of many families forever.

It was a sign to many to increase school security, which I truly believe in, but locking all the doors to the school is simply not the way to ensure safety.

I understand the effect the killings had on people, and believe there should be extra measures taken to ensure safety.

However, when I am running late to gym class from the trailers, having to run all the way back around the school to find an open door is an unpleasant experience to say the least. I can think of many different ways to increase security without hindering students’ ability to enter the school.

Back in my middle school days, I recall walking down the hall during class to get a drink of water, and in the middle of a completely deserted hallway was a perfectly placed police officer that instilled a sense of safety in almost any situation.

He made sure no one trespassed and stopped all forms of horseplay and bullying, all without limiting the students in any way. Even further back than middle school, in elementary school, they had the bizarre and amazing technological feat that was “automated doors.” A visitor would go up to the door and press a button so that the person at the front office could take a look, make sure that no one suspicious was entering, and open the door.

It was magical.

I might not understand the full difficulty of adding these features to the school but, in my eyes, it seems considerably easier for the students than just locking them out. For me, I feel that, while security measures should be taken for the safety of the students, ease of use is an important part for all students and faculty.