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The perfect fit

Caroline Mahoney

Caroline Mahoney

Yoga pants (as seen above) have grown in popularity among students due to their comfort, but many school officals regard them as dress code violations.

Terra Holderman, News Editor

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It’s 5:30 in the morning and I don’t feel like getting out of bed to put together a fashionably sensible ensemble just to see the same people I see every day. And yet, I don’t want to come into school looking like a slob sporting a baggy sweat suit. So, I’m just lucky that I have found a happy medium: yoga pants.                                              

Not too casual, not too fancy and yet super comfortable, yoga pants or leggings seem to be a perfect solution for most of the female population of Langley.                                    

Recently, Battlefield and Prince William County Public Schools declared these spandex pants against the dress code. Girls at Battlefield high school protested the ruling by wearing yoga pants to school, but to all those that did so were issued gym shorts instead. With Prince William County’s close proximity to Fairfax County, the possibility of this ruling reaching Langley is terrifying.                

One of the advantages of attending a public school is being able to wear comfortable clothing instead of having to dress up every day. Assuming that tight fitting yoga pants are distracting or offensive is ridiculous. The reason why we wear yoga pants is the same reason we wear any other piece of clothing; to be comfortable and to express ourselves. Taking away this right is both unfair and irrational.                   

“Banning yoga pants would be like banning jeans, it just wouldn’t make sense,” says junior Kristina Haarberg. The absence of yoga pants from the Langley dress code wouldn’t help anybody’s situation at all, and would just bring a nuisance upon everyone who wears them.                                       

What is the next thing schools will deem inappropriate from the dress code? ‘Scandalously’ high socks? Shoelaces that are not tied? Let the students learn and let them be as comfy as they wish. After all, yoga pants will fall out of style in the next few years anyway.

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Bringing you the latest at Langley
The perfect fit