Fall Play: The Man Who Came To Dinner


Enjoy a night of laughter and heart at Langley High School’s production of The Man Who Came to Dinner. Originating on Broadway in 1939, Moss Hart and George S. Kaufman’s The Man Who Came to Dinner is a slapstick comedy for all generations.

A delightful dinner invitation turns dreadful when world-renowned renaissance man, Sheridan Whiteside, slips on Stanley’s doorstep and fractures his hip. Whiteside turns the Stanley house into his recovery home, bringing his lovestruck secretary, celebrity acquaintances, and oddball friends along with him.

From young couples to convicts to cinema stars, the students of Langley High School assemble an eccentric cast of characters. The student technical crew transforms the Langley stage into the 1930s, constructing a 1930s house onstage, dressing characters in lavish period-appropriate costumes, and more.

Get your tickets at www.saxonstage.com or at the door. Adults $12, students $8, senior citizens $5 for every performance, and $5 for high school seniors on Thursdays. Performances are on October 13th, 14th & 15th at 7 PM, and October 16th at 2:30 PM in the Langley High School Auditorium (Door #14) at 6520 Georgetown Pike, McLean, VA 22101.

The Saxon cast and crew includes Clara Baker, Ethan Bhatia, Lily Bowers, Annabelle Bozarth, Evey Burnette, Ion Cadenazzi, Eva Cardenas, Ava Carter, Ava Carter, Katie Chen, Niya Coleman, Anna Cox, Katherine Czarnecki, Izzy Montesinos Davis, Cara DeFilipps, Talia-Rose Diorio, Frankie Diorio, Logan Dooley, Catherine Dunn, Kyra Eksi, Lorna Evans, Conor Farah, Sophia Flanders, and Sophia Flanders, Cayla Freedlander, Josephin Friedrich, Zack Gast, Jacqueline Gauchier, Jacqueline Gauthier, Charlotte Gould, Bowen Han, Luka He, Alina He, Sarah Hilton, Delphia Huang, Tess Jannery-Barney, Alexander Jia, Anna Jordan, Brady Kastner, Eesha Kaushik, Cassie Keating, Klaus Kizelewicz, Killian Korchnak, Killian Korchnak, Nick Kristensen, Mia Jonelle Laws, Nate Lee, Caroline Mayer, Maria Maza-Rion, Jenny Mears, Sanika Meixa, Inayah Mirza, Abhi Mogili, Aryana Molaiy, Joana Lima Alves Montenegro, Nico Morandi-Zerpa, Katie Murchison, Lindsay Nguyen, Declan O’Rourke, Aaron Pasztor, Gauri Shyam Pillai, Neev Poran, Andy Powell, Daniel Qiu, Jude Quol, Mo Rees, Eli Roberts, Q Ammar Sabir, Yasmine Said, Victoria Scarpato, Aanya Shah, Sarah Shilinsky, Siy Shroeder, Todd Smith, Scarlett Spano, Izzy Steenburgh, Anna Suh, Ashraya Suri, Conner Tone, Caleb Toronto, Shae Tu, Zach Ulman, Keya Umesh, Sreeja Mani Vemuri, Stella Wang, Lillian Weimer, Hannah Whalen, Erin Young, Atlas Zecca, and Clemence Zou.

The Man Who Came to Dinner is presented by special arrangement with Broadway Licensing, LLC, servicing the Dramatists Play Service collection. (www.dramatists.com)