18 or older? Vote on November 2nd!

A basic breakdown of the gubernatorial candidates to inform student voters

Taylor Maguire, Reporter

As Langley seniors are starting to turn 18, they are entering a stage of their life with more responsibilities and new opportunities, including the right to vote. It is important that students not only use their voice to vote, but also understand who they are voting for and what they stand for. While this article will list some of the main issues and ideas each candidate supports, students should find additional valid sources of information before voting, as there are more candidates not listed. It is also crucial that students who will turn 18 before November 2nd register to vote, as that is the only way to participate. 


Terry McAuliffe:

  • Democrat
  • Promotes and would implement COVID-19 vaccination requirements
  • Pro-choice
  • Believes that the taxation in Virginia is necessary to give proper funding
  • Wants to invest a lot of said tax money into education
  • Parents should not have a role in deciding school curriculum
  • Focus on combating climate change through the creation of a Climate Change and Resiliency Update Commission 
  • Plans to reform the criminal justice system


Glenn Youngkin: 

  • Republican 
  • Has received the vaccine and promotes it but is against vaccination mandates
  • Pro-life
  • Believes citizens are overtaxed in Virginia and has plans to lessen that
  • Wants to invest money from his tax plans into education
  • Parents should be involved and should be in charge of their children’s education
  • Defends law enforcement personnel and the current criminal justice system


It’s important to remember when voting season comes around that everyone has differing opinions and it is necessary to respect their beliefs. Every vote counts, and this is an opportunity to get your voice heard and fight for change. Get out and vote early or at your assigned location on November 2nd!


If you (a Langley High School student) need to register to vote, visit https://vote.elections.virginia.gov/Registration/DmvLookup