Free lunch at Langley High School

Why lunch is free this year at Langley


Davis Chalmers

Freshmen Cole Jensen and Hunter Zipperer eat free school lunch in the cafeteria. Free lunch is offered at school everyday.

Davis Chalmers, Reporter

This fall, after over a year of virtual school, students return to in-person learning to find a new lunch system. For the entire 2021-2022 school year, school lunches—which consist of two sides and a main meal—will be available to all students free of charge. 

Some students find this change to be unnecessary.

“It is pretty convenient but I don’t really think they needed to do it,” freshman Aaron Weiss said.

Other students have had more positive experiences with the new system.

“Honestly, I think it [free lunch] is pretty good,” freshman Jon Qasimi said. “I’ve started getting more food because I’m less worried about saving money. I think I would spend 150 dollars a month [on] school food, so the fact that I can get all of this for free is absolutely incredible.”

According to school board member Elaine Tholen, the free meals were decided at the federal level. 

“FCPS operates USDA Child Nutrition Programs,” Tholen said. “The most recent communication from USDA confirmed free lunch meals through the end of the school year.”

The food itself is purchased from companies such as Lehigh Dairy, Keany Produce, Schmidt Baking Co, and Dori Foods. 

Additionally, free lunch is a part of the National School Lunch program. The National School Lunch program was enacted by President Harry Truman with the intent to use agricultural surplus to help feed school children; the program has evolved into a system that, in 2020, gave lunches to over 22.6 million children each school day.

This change will affect Langley in many ways. For starters, every student who wants lunch has access to it which will make the school food more accessible than ever. In addition, free breakfast—also implemented this year—is a chance to give students more flexibility in the mornings.