Living with livestreams

How live-streaming has preserved key parts of athletics in FCPS


Senior athlete, Mikey Hoemans pulls up for a jump shot against Mclean High School. Basketball is one of the most streamed sports around Fairfax County currently (Photo by Bogdanov).

Philip Bogdanov, Reporter

With Covid-19 still at large, Fairfax County athletes continue to struggle to find the thrill generally present in High School Sports. Thankfully, the new live-stream feature offered by Langley, Mclean, and several other schools allows one to enjoy the game and support friends all from the comfort of one’s home. 

Not only is it more convenient for viewers, but players enjoy the live-streams as well.

“The games being live-streamed have definitely changed the overall adrenaline rush we used to get for bigger games, such as McLean games and senior night, which I do miss a lot. However, I noticed a lot of players on my team have also felt a bit more comfortable in the game which is a good thing.” senior varsity basketball player, Heather Hughes, said. 

Friends and family can stream all the matches and events through the new Langley Sports Youtube channel. As only immediate family can be present at games, this gives athletes a chance to show off and perform for others at school, or even people abroad. The introduction of the live-streams has certainly upped the confidence and spirits of Langley athletes, following a tumultuous year.

As FCPS progresses into spring sports- the live stream feature will provide for a smooth integration towards in-person attendance. Spectators shaky about the Covid situation will be able to watch the games from home whilst also sharing the fun.

“Most people go for the environment and the fun with friends” Langley junior Ona Sinani, said. The highlight of high school sports is feeling the atmosphere created by live fans and supporters. Whereas it is impossible to allow a huge crowd for games- the mix between in-person and live stream fans will replicate the situation as much as possible. 

Some students have suggestions about improving the live-streaming feature. There have been multiple reports of lost connection or glitches through Youtube. Fairfax County schools can improve this by strengthening the immediate WiFi signal close to the auditorium or sports field. There have been other helpful tips provided.

“Using a better quality camera and at a higher angle would make it look more like a professional sports game,” remarked Zach Hasan, a junior at Mclean high school. Slight fixes and adjustments to the video would make it to be a better experience for viewers.

With such a great platform set up around different High Schools- Langley should be able to advertise and draw more attention to winter and spring sports as we progress into the exciting spring.