Supporting Saxon athletes from afar

How Saxons can watch their favorite Langley sports with the restrictions on in-person viewing


Langley hockey captain, senior Charlie Tourbaf battles for the puck in last Friday’s game against Loudoun Valley/Woodgrove. Remember to download the app, LiveBarn to watch all the action during Langley hockey games (Photo by Cahill).

This year has brought about changes for everyone due to COVID-19, but some experiences should remain the same. Among these should be supporting Saxon students. Although there isn’t much access to in-person viewing of the Langley sporting events, there are still alternative ways to watch and be involved with the athletic teams. 

Langley senior Heather Hughes said, “Students can watch our home games through Langley sports YouTube channel. Langley live streams through YouTube on game days starting with the freshman games all the way to the varsity games.” 

This provides a great way to stay involved with Langley sports teams in the era of COVID-19, helping families and friends stay connected via social media.

Although hockey isn’t technically a school sport–and fans aren’t allowed in the arena–you can still show your support.

“Students can create an account and watch the hockey games being live-streamed through an app called LiveBarn,” said Langley senior Charlie Tourbaf. 

Swim and Dive is another sport that is operating differently this year. The recreation center is typically packed with excited parents and students who are excited to watch their Saxons win, but changes this year have moved the viewing to online. 

Senior Swim and Dive athlete Tai Brashear said, “Depending on what school is hosting the swim meet, parents will live stream the game so other students and friends can watch the swim meets through Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.” 

As for the ability to view the games in-person, Hughes says, “Our parents are allowed to watch the games, but we have to put guests on a waitlist.” If you have a sibling or friend on one of the sports teams, you can talk to the managers about putting you on a waitlist. 

Hopefully, Saxons will be able to return to watching their favorite sports and athletes in person, but until then virtual viewing is the best way to stay connected.