Varsity Basketball takes on South Lakes

Varsity Boys Basketball plays in their first game with speculators against South Lakes HS


Maddie Koenig

Junior Amr Areikat goes for the layup during the 4th quarter. Even though the Saxons fought hard, South Lakes ended the game six points ahead.

In a nail biter second half South Lakes was able to defer Langley from their second win of the season ending the game 51-57. South Lakes is currently undefeated this season with a record of 6-0. 

The team started the game with determined energy as they recognized the challenge of a title winning team such as South Lakes. This energy paid off with Senior Jonathan Reiss quickly scoring the first points of the game. By the end of the first quarter, Langley was in the lead 19-16. By half time, both teams were tied at 30 points. 

Langley’s starters were Seniors Jonathan Reiss, Michael Hoeymans, and Jack Joyeusaz, Junior Amr Areikat, and Sophomore Brenden Mansinne. 

South Lakes’ playing style focused on fast, aggressive game play with a lot of defensive pressure and shot taking. 

“In the first quarter we were playing a little sluggish, we weren’t cutting real hard,” South Lakes Varsity Assistant Coach Derek Franklin* said, “Langley has a lot of tough guys out there, a lot of good shooters so they spread us out a lot.”

Despite not winning the game, Langley played well and focused on fixing corrections from their previous two games. Langley’s defense was able to surprise South Lakes’ team with a new zone defense that hasn’t been on Langley’s film before, taking the team time to adjust to this different play style. 

“I think last night’s game was one of our best so far; South Lakes was the toughest challenge because of their high pressure defense,” Junior Gardiner Tyler (#32) said. Tyler played almost the whole game against South Lakes’ difficult defense.

“I think our team could have done everything a little better, rebounding especially,” Tyler said. “If we were able to get more boards we would have been able to win that game.”

Throughout the whole game both teams played aggressively, making free throws — a substantial source of the game’s points. 

This game differed from the previous games of the season as there were twenty-five spectators allowed in the gym, mainly parents and family members, giving a fraction of the sense of filled bleachers the players missed. 

Langley is handling the change in spectator rules by allowing each team member to invite about two spectators (there are fourteen players on the team so not all players are able to have two). 

In the fourth quarter, Langley struggled to break a seven point difference, as South Lakes players were running a challenging defensive line, until finally ending the game down by six points. 

“Even though we ended up losing in a close one, we were very physical and had good energy the whole game against a very good South Lakes team,” Junior Garrett Hutchinson (#30) said. “At the end of the day, we’re just glad to be playing.”

*To view Coach Franklin’s full post game interview, visit the South Lakes Boys Basketball Twitter @SLSeahawksBball

Photos by Maddie Koenig and Lexie Gagnon