United, Langley stands

Langley's Model United Nations team wins 1st place overall at Wootton conference


Langley's Model United Nations team has consistently been ranked one of the best in the nation; and Secretary-General Kavye Vij believes victory at Wootton is a good homage to this.

Cara Castagna, Social Media Manager

This weekend, Langley’s Model United Nations team traveled to compete in Wootton High School’s Model UN competition in Rockville, Maryland. Facing tough competition from other teams, Langley Model UN won the Best Large Delegation award (equivalent to First Place). In addition, most of our students won individual awards, which are listed below.  Best Delegation is equivalent to first place, Outstanding Delegation is equivalent to second place, Honorable Delegation is equivalent to third place, and Verbal Commendation is equivalent to fourth place.

Disarmament & International Security Council (DISEC):


Maya Ghattas & Max Aue: Honorable Delegation

McKenzie Hiek & Arion Tripathi:  Honorable Delegation

Anum Chotani & Vi Tran: Outstanding Delegation

Abe Al-Dalli & Ethan Bhatia: BEST DELEGATION


Social, Humanitarian, and Cultural Committee (SOCHUM):


Zane Al-Dalli & Kevin Farnsworth: Honorable Delegation

Colleen Sherry & Eva Snyder:  Honorable Delegation

Hana Mossaddad & Nadia Malik:  Outstanding Delegation


United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO):


Zoe Wang:  Honorable Delegation

Francisco Yang: Honorable Delegation

Sumrath Pahwa: Outstanding Delegation


World Health Organization (WHO):


Lucas Frischling: Honorable Delegation

Ritvik Chennupati:  Outstanding Delegation



United Nations Office on Drugs & Crime (UNODC):


Ishaan Kathuria: Outstanding Delegation


Arab League:


Ulaina Ahn: Outstanding Delegation


JCC: The Iranian Revolution, The Shah:


Babak Changiz: Honorable Delegation


JCC: The Iranian Revolution, The Khomeini:


Surya Reddy: Outstanding Delegation


Huawei Board of Directors 2019:


Diego Morandi: Honorable Delegation

Secretary-General (equivalent to President) Kavye Vij spent countless hours along with the rest of the Secretariat training Langley’s delegates. “I think that a combined effort of club officers as well as veterans who trained our novices helped a lot with our dominant performance…especially [because] our kids knew exactly what to do, and had quite a few signature Langley strategies they were able to employ,” he said.

“Langley’s always had extremely dominant performances year to year so a start like this is a great momentum for the remainder of the year; however, there are always things to improve so our performance should really get much better though the rest of the year.”

Langley took home 1st Place overall, the Best Large Delegation, beating out schools such as John Champe and Gonzaga.