The ever-changing Langley courtyard

An analysis of even more expected changes to the three Langley courtyards


Boden Gentile, Reporter

As of right now, the courtyards are home to nothing more than trash cans, odd concrete structures, picnic tables, and some dead grass. However, the courtyard has a major improvement coming: a small pond, rock garden, wildlife areas, and sensory gardens to the Langley yard.  These improvements will help with everything from experiments, to relaxation and all types of hands-on experiential learning.  

 “I go to the courtyard now because it’s a place where I can spend time with my friends without the chaotic noises of the cafeteria,” sophomore Erika Chung said. Chung eats in the courtyard whenever she can. However, the PTSA aims to make it into an outdoor classroom, teaching things like water habitat studies, earth science studies, and ecological exploration.  

This will have a large impact on students, but not just through education. “Studies have shown that spending time in and around nature has positive mental health benefits. Even just looking through a classroom window at a beautiful, natural setting can positively impact student’s mood, lessening anxiety and helping with issues like depression,” former PTSA president, Chrissie Lavin said. 

All of this work costs money, and, if all goes as planned, it will cost around $100,000, fundraised by the Langley Legacy Tree. Most tree sponsors are families of Langley upperclassmen students, and can range in donation price; bronze is $50, silver is $100, gold is $200. Langley courtyard’s renovation helpers will need all the help and money they can get, for all of the irrigation from the past courtyard was stripped away in the renovation, leaving them with an entirely clean slate. However, some people think that these changes will have a negative effect.

“I believe that putting in trees and a pond will just increase the immaturity of the students, as well as possible bugs. If we can’t handle having bathrooms, then a pond simply won’t work,” freshman Ishan Gangoo said. 

The PTSA courtyard improvement committee itself is made up of five Langley parents, with help from the PTSA Board, and Langley’s Environmental Science Club who is helping with publicity, fundraising, and eventually digging, planting, and maintenance of the courtyards. However, they are doing all of the heavy work through Wheat’s Landscaping. All in all, this project will help make our school a more inviting and exciting place for future students.