Langley Crew defeats West Springfield in the Ergathon

Langley Crew Extends Ergathon Streak to 8 Years in a Row, Defeats West Springfield


Ellis Sitilides, Reporter

Over the previous seven years, the Langley Crew team has triumphed over West Springfield High School in the annual ergathon, a competition in which the six groups of each team compete against each other in a laborious 20-minute rowing machine piece for the most meters rowed. 

The team was carried by the wins of the Men’s Varsity, JV, and the Women’s JV heats, all averaging 200-300 meters above the opposing West Springfield heats. The competition lasted almost four hours, with six different races occurring throughout the day. 

Seemingly, West Springfield seemed to have the upper hand until the third race when the JV girls hopped on the ergs and pushed their hearts out for an interminable 20 minutes. The JV girls pulled 1000 more meters than the West Springfield girls in the entire heat, a huge difference in amount. “The girls game prepared and we did exactly what we wanted, we won the heat,” sophomore, Jenna Ashtar stated.  

The JV boys were next. Pulling 2,100 meters in difference, West Springfield needed a huge comeback from their varsity team. “It was a great experience, and I’m really proud of our boys and what we accomplished today,” sophomore, Matthew Zheng said. 

The varsity women lost their heat badly to a strong varsity girls West Springfield team, but the men pulled 700 meters over West Springfield in the final heat of the Ergathon.

“Coach had expectations for us and we pushed ourselves to the max. I think it’s safe to say I speak for our heat and team when I say that,” junior, Brandon Johnson said. Langley averaged 300 meters total in all, extending their win streak to eight, and claiming the Ergathon title, for yet another year.