Trailer classes move into the main building

Mariam Shakeel

Students who had classes in the trailers reported to new rooms on Monday, April 30.

For many teachers and students, this will be an exciting moment during the Langley renovation.
Jennifer Robb, a math teacher, has been in the trailers since they were first added in 2014. “It’s
nice to have easy access to the restrooms and to copy machines and not having to walk outside
in the rain,” Robb said.

Teaching in classrooms within the building is more convenient, but faculty from the trailers will
need time to adjust to the new environment.

“We have a close knit group of those who were in the trailers. It’s mostly math teachers who
have been out there the entire time,” Robb said. “It’s been nice getting to be so close to my
colleagues; it’s going to be a bummer to have to go across the hall [to see them] now.”

The ambiance of the trailers is far quieter and more secluded than that of the main building.
Teachers in trailers were able to hold control over their individual classrooms; the temperature
could be changed accordingly and fire drills did not apply to them.

Math teacher Richard Whitehead is pleased with his new classroom, but he will miss the perks
of being in a trailer. “[The classroom] is what I expected; it’s nice and big. I did kind of like being
outside so this will be an adjustment,” Whitehead said. “[In the trailers], we weren’t disturbed by
noise in the hall because [lingering] students would sit out at the picnic tables; it didn’t disturb

The last major areas left for renovation are the cafeteria hallway, the math hallway (old science
hallway), and parking lot which should be completed over the summer.