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Case Day 2018

A recap of Langley's 2018 annual Case Day

Austin Hanley delivering his oral argument

Austin Hanley delivering his oral argument

Austin Hanley delivering his oral argument

Ethan McDonnell, Reporter

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Case Day is a long standing Langley Tradition, and was first started 26 years ago, since 1992. At Case Day, Langley AP Government Students argue Supreme Court Cases in order to obtain a better understanding of the proceedings of the Supreme Court and of law.  This Year, the Case being argued was Minnesota Voter’s Alliance V. Manksy, which dealt with the issue of wearing political apparel in polling places. Minnesotan State Statute 211B.11 bans all political apparel in the polling place. The Petitioner in the Case argues that the Statute is overboard and violates the First Amendment, but the respondent, representing the State, argues that it within the power of the State to regulate elections.

Six Students are selected by the AP government teachers following a tryout, in which students are given five minutes to present an oral argument. The Tryout occur around a month before Case Day, and once the six students are selected, they are divided into their assigned roles, with four students serving as counselors, and two serving as justices. This year, the four student counselors were Matthew Angles, Mason Liddell, Fiona Herzig, and Austin Hanley. Angles and Liddell argued for the petitioner, while Herzig and Hanley argued the Respondent side. The two student Justices were Megan Kilduff and Christopher Obolensky, who served alongside the other justices and assisted in write the opinions of the court.

Case Day is renowned not only for the oral arguments and insight it provides into the cases, but also for its speakers, wo have provided valuable insight into Government and Law since the very first case day. Case Day 2018 had two very notable Speakers, General William Suter, and Ambassador Tim Roemer.  General Suter graduated from Tulane Law School, and served as the clerk to the Supreme Court, a position he held for 22 years. At Case Day, General Suter gave his perspective on being successful in life, and detailed his journey from a young “hick” from a “hick town” in Kentucky, to his position in the Military and his time serving the Supreme Court. The Second Speaker, Tim Roemer, was elected as a congressman from Indiana for 12 years, served on the 9/11 commission, and most recently served as ambassador to India for two years.  Roemer spoke on the importance of Bipartisanship in America’s current political climate, and emphasized the importance of compromise in government, expressed his hope that Langley students would enter positions of leadership and work to improve the country.

At the end of the day, the Court would rule with the petitioner in a 5-4 decision. Justice Kilduff presented the court’s opinion, which agreed Minnesotan State Statute 211B.11 was overbroad and unconstitutional under the First Amendment, and Case Day 2018 came to a close.

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