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From Reading Epics to Learning Ethics

The annual Ethics Day is happening on March 13 and is a good chance for seniors to learn more about ethical decision making.

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From Reading Epics to Learning Ethics

Michael Himy, Staff Writer

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Is it the responsibility of bystanders to report a crime? Should a student who killed a pedestrian while driving drunk be accused of manslaughter? These are some of the many questions that are thoroughly discussed on Ethics Day. On March 13, Langley seniors will go off campus to participate in Ethics Day.

The activities at Ethics Day focus on making ethical decisions that will prepare students for the real world. Some of these activities include forums and discussions in which students will have to decide how to ethically handle a problem.

“It helps them to just think about situations and how ethics could play into decision making and real life.” history teacher Joshua Henry said.

Ethics Day began 15 years ago and is now an annual tradition for Langley seniors. It’s become a staple of the Langley community.

“It’s a day for them to examine ethical scenarios with not right or wrong answers, not black [or] white, but a lot of grey’s.” Principal Frederick Amico said.

It’s important for seniors to be actively involved in the activities that take place on Ethics Day since they are modeled after college and real world situations.  After Ethics Day, students should know how to handle a real-world problem efficiently.

“It’s a good opportunity to think about situations that they may encounter when they get outside of school. We spend a lot of time focusing on ethical behavior in school with things like cheating, the honor code and behavior.” Henry added. “But the reality is that seniors are going to graduate, go to college, get jobs and be confronted with real world issues and have the consequences of the decision making be more consequential.”

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