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Success in Spanish

Langley Spanish students shine in National Spanish Exam

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Success in Spanish

Students accept their awards at the annual award ceremony

Students accept their awards at the annual award ceremony

Students accept their awards at the annual award ceremony

Students accept their awards at the annual award ceremony

Lauren Cain, Reporter

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Each year, Langley Spanish students have the opportunity to participate in the National Spanish exam, an exam that assesses students’ proficiency in several disciplines of Spanish study. Langley is typically successful in this exam, and this year has been no exception. A total of 65 students received awards for their performances, with a total of five students receiving gold medals for scoring on or above the 95th percentile, nine students receiving a silver medal for scoring between the 85th and 94th percentiles, 12 students receiving bronze medals for scoring between the 75th and 84th percentiles, and 39 students receiving honorable mention awards for scoring on or above the 50th percentile.

“I’ve been taking the exam since 7th grade so at this point I just wanted to take it to see how this year compared to past years,” said Marina Carlucci, a senior and bronze medalist in the highest exam level. “Also, it’s good practice for the AP exam and Spanish class is general.”

Students took the exam for a variety of reasons, but as Carlucci said, a primary reason for taking the exam is to practice Spanish skills that students learn in the classroom.“I decided to take the exam because my Spanish teacher encouraged us to since it is a great way to practice listening to and reading passages and just get some experience,” said sophomore and silver medalist in the Level 3 exam, Michelle Ascrizzi.

In terms of the exam itself, one thing that it does well is focusing on the specific grammar points that students learn from their classroom teachers in their respective levels of Spanish study.

Senior Will Wicker, an AP Spanish student who received a gold medal in the exam said, “…many skills used on the exam are also used in the classroom, like reading comprehension and listening comprehension.”

The exam also provides students with questions that are slightly above their skillset in difficulty, challenging students to use their knowledge to make educated conclusions.

“Even though the exam was difficult and we were not expected to know how to answer every question, it was overall a good way to practice Spanish and just see what I can do with what we’ve been learning,” said Ascrizzi.

Regardless of how they scored in the exam, many students were able to gain valuable experience from the assessment to take into their classes and future experiences overall.

“I definitely improved some of my reading and listening in Spanish skills as well as increased my Spanish vocabulary,” said Carlucci, referring to what she took away from the exam experience.

Ascrizzi remarked that she plans to take the exam again, saying, “I will definitely take it again next year especially because I know what to do differently as far as preparing, and it’s a fun way to practice or even get recognized for doing well.”

Langley had by and large a very successful experience with the National Spanish Exam this spring. Many Langley students were able to gain vital knowledge and skills from the exam, which will hopefully help them in their Spanish classes or speaking Spanish in another environment. Langley recognized the students who received awards on Wednesday, May 24, 2017, celebrating Langley’s excellent achievement this year.


Student Name Award Received
Surya Ambardar HM
Matthew Angles HM
Caroline Britt HM
Leah Damelin HM
Austin Hanley HM
Jack Kelly HM
Sean Kilduff HM
Sneha Kripanandan HM
Samantha Lee HM
Adu Menon HM
Audrey Monserrate HM
Kareem Al-Attar HM
Lauren Johnston HM
Akshay Luthra HM
Nacha Nachiappan HM
Grace Stevens HM
Simone Stoyen HM
Yasmin Momenian HM
Punar Kaur HM
Matthew Lee HM
Kevin Wang HM
Will Brzezinski HM
Nate Buchanan HM
Matthew Feinstein HM
Benjamin Johnson HM
Karlye Pallotta HM
Lauren Cain HM
Celeste Campos HM
Anvitha Metpally HM
Vikram Prasad HM
Sneha Dass HM
Brent Davis HM
Shivani Iyer HM
Emily Wallach HM
Michelle Wi HM
Sydney Bamdad HM
Jayeesh Chennupati HM
Shahan Salam HM
Kendall Treco HM
Beatrice Le Bronze
Isabella Shapiro Bronze
Mariana Gragnani Bronze
Crisanne Mortenson Bronze
Lucia Perez Bronze
Bennett Novak Bronze
Sonali Bhatnagar Bronze
Alexander Camus Bronze
Jack Gagnon Bronze
Ari Tretiak Bronze
Marina Carlucci Bronze
Taylor Shenk Bronze
Hallie Cain Silver
Alexa Coe Silver
Patrick Halm Silver
John Riddell Silver
Alejandro Waquin Silver
Casey Schoff Silver
Alex Montano Silver
Reyna Yang Silver
Michelle Ascrizzi Silver
William Wicker Gold
Joseph Dooley Gold
Guadalupe Waquin Gold
Gabriel Lopez-Cartagena Gold
Sarah Buckingham Gold



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