Mr. Amico Takes Langley

Lucas Collazo, Reporter

Mr. Amico Young

Our school has gone through some very big changes recently. One of them in particular is that as of last year Mr. Amico has been repositioned as the new principal of Langley High School. It all started when Mr. Ragone, the former principal of Langley, retired and went on to being principal at South County High School in Fairfax, and it just so happened that Mr. Amico went from being assistant principal to being the new principal of Langley High School. In 1976, Mr. Amico ran for class president at Francis Scott Key Intermediate School and won the S.C.A. election as President. Mr. Amico volunteered to be the new principal, so filled out and applied his resume and went through an interview process with a panel and went to another interview with the superintendent and, eventually, he got the job. When he first heard that the position was his, Mr. Amico was ecstatic to be able to take charge of Langley. He states now that, “It’s great to be working with great students.”

Before he became principal of Langley, he worked as the assistant principal; however, many students saw him as the new principal. “I have been working as assistant principal for 10 years,” Mr. Amico says, and the day when he became the new principal has finally arrived. As the new principal, Mr. Amico enjoys working with all the students and teachers, and enjoys walking around seeing students interacting with each other and all the learning that goes on at Langley. “I like working with all the students, and the teachers are good too,” said Mr. Amico. He has many plans for Langley; for example, he says that he will make sure that the students are learning and that the faculty does a good job. He states that there are some areas in Langley that need a little improving and he will figure out a way to fix them, such as try to find ways for teachers to reach their teachers structurally. As the principal of Langley, it is his job to provide leadership and to make sure that the students know why going to school and learning is very important, to provide a structure that everybody can teach and learn in, to set a tone so that school is a place to learn something new every day. He thinks that the renovation that is going on at Langley is a little disruptive during the school day, but he knows that the school will look fantastic at the end of the renovation. He also says that his new position is hard, busy, and time consuming, but he still finds it very fun. Mr. Amico also states that “the school will look stunning and a very suitable place for students to learn after the renovation is over, especially the cafeteria, performance and science wings, and courtyard”. He states that he much rather prefers the old start time over the new start time for Langley.