Mr.Ragone Leaves Langley High School


Brendan Coffey, Executive Editor

Mr.Ragone has announced his departure from Langley High School, and will be accepting the Principal position at South County High School. The position is effective as of December 15, 2014.

Mr.Ragone responded to the call from South County, as they were looking for a veteran principal to reinvent their instructional program. Mr.Ragone says, “It also affords me new challenges and opportunities that will help me grow and learn as an educator.”

However, Mr.Ragone describes his farewell as both exciting, and dissapointing. “I am very sad to say goodbye to the faculty and community that supported me through my formative years in school administration. I am proud of the work we did together,” said Mr.Ragone.

Mr.Ragone’s legacy is one of Saxon Time, strong school spirit, inclusion of the middle student, and unity during tragedy. Mr.Ragone describes these tragic days as when “I am most proud to have worked alongside you.”

Mr.Ragone is appreciative for all the friends and faculty he’s worked with for the past eight years. Mr.Ragone said “I have been overwhelmed by your kindnesses, the passion you express for your work, and your genuine humanity.”

Mr. Ragone’s successor has not been yet announced.