Cafeteria may have changes in store


The Langley cafeteria sits empty at the end of the day.

Brandon Arcari, Reporter

Next year, when you walk into the cafeteria lunch line, you may be in for a bit of a surprise.

As Real Food For Kids mission statement reads “As the local face of the national wellness movement, Real Food For Kids is committed to working in collaborative ways to increase the quantities of healthy foods in Fairfax County Public Schools and supporting programs that educate our students and their families on making healthier lifestyle choices.”

On their website, they detail why our current school lunches are so unhealthy. They also explain how, “The [FCPS] School Board…approved a pilot kitchen at Marshall High School in Falls Church.

Starting in the fall of 2013, the school kitchen will incorporate some new menu items made fresh on site. [The school kitchens] will also highlight a new large ‘cafe bar’ which will offer several items for a salad bar, fresh sandwiches, and soups.