Ms. Statz to donate to Locks of Love

Harris LaTeef

Ms. Statz grew out her hair in preparation for her donation to Locks of Love.

Shrey Dua, Reporter

Cancer affects thousands of children across the country each year.

It can be painful, scary and, because of hair loss caused by chemotherapy and other treatments, even embarrassing.

Langley Assistant principal Ms. Jessica Statz, who is a cancer survivor herself, has decided to donate her hair to Locks of Love, a nonprofit organization that collects hair donations and makes them into hair pieces for people who have diseases or conditions that cause hair loss.

“The first time I donated hair to Locks of Loves was because I was going through brain surgery and I had to cut off my hair anyways so I just decided to donate it instead,” said Statz.

Ms. Statz plans to make her donation after school on Tuesday and it will be Ms. Statz’s third time making a donation to Locks of Love.