Saxons Speak – World Series

What did Langley students think of the World Series?


The Washington Nationals were welcomed back into D.C. with a rousing chorus of cheers and festivities many Langley students attended to honor their victory (Photo by Emma Frank).

Kaitlin McDowell, Reporter

“I watched it to support the team. I really think the Nats did pull through, like early on in the season they were kinda rough, but once they started coming around to the world series, they really started upping their game.” 

Luke Terry – Freshman

“The Nats are my hometown team, and I grew up watching them. I wanted them to win cause they’ve never won before, and I played baseball as a kid, so I find it really interesting.” 

Trent Walmsley – Sophomore

“I’ve been watching the Nats for more than ten years now, ever since I can remember. My dad is a huge baseball fan, and it’s always been what we’ve bonded over. We’ve always gone to games and it’s just a family tradition, and the Nats finally got to the world series! I cried several times while watching the games, I was screaming at the screen every single loss and every win. I literally fell asleep at one point and then woke up to my dad screaming ‘We Won!’ and I just started crying. ”


Hannah Cadenazzi – Junior

“I watched it because the Nationals represent the DC area and what it means to be a Washingtonian” (Nguyen).

“Yeah, it’s really about the spirit of the sport and the spirit that the Nats represent; it’s all in the community” (Ashraf).

Gabby Nguyen and Alize Ashraf – Seniors