Live Music’s Back

Live music is being restored after COVID


Taryn Steffan

The Crowd at Harry Styles’ concert at the Capital One Center in DC. The fans were all singing and dancing together.

Allie Jones, Reporter

Almost 20 months ago the U.S. shut down due to COVID-19. No school, no work, no sports, no shopping, and no concerts. Recently, these things have been slowly shifted back to a new “normal.” Even concerts filled with thousands of vibrant fans screaming for their favorite artists have been brought back.

“Live music helps me get through life and always has. Going through isolation and a global pandemic throughout 2020 and having several concerts I was planning on attending was heartbreaking for me,” History teacher Kathleen Stankiewicz said. 

Stankiewicz has been to over 100 Dave Matthews Band concerts since her first one in 1997 so it is only imaginable how drastic the difference in lifestyle must have been when Corona hit.

“This was my first concert since COVID and it actually didn’t feel too strange,” Bishop O’Connell High School sophomore Julia Berke said.

Berke attended the recent Harry Styles concert at the Capital One Arena in D.C. and was ecstatic to be back in that environment. She had fun in the crowd, along with the dressing up and screaming till she lost her voice.

“It was the best night of my life! [Harry Styles] put on a really good show with amazing lights and he is a great live performer,” sophomore Taryn Steffan said. 

Berke and Steffan enjoyed their time at the Harry Styles concert and Stankiewicz hers. According to them, nothing beats live music.

“Being back at shows this summer allowed me to feel somewhat normal again and I am so grateful that live music is back!” Stankiewicz said.