Touring the traditions

How Langley students and teachers spend their Thanksgiving


Dinner with family or friends is one of the most basic traditions many people undertake on Thanksgiving (Photo by Colleen Sherry).

Grace Chen, Reporter

Fall; with its crisp wind and colorful leaves, autumn makes Thanksgiving a memorable time for many people. It’s a time where families can gather together and talk about what they are thankful for. 

For some people, it is a very special holiday because they rarely get to see their families so they cherish these moments and is looking forward to this holiday like Junior Jasmine Bhatia. “Although my cousins live in Baltimore when the school year starts, we rarely get to see them,” said Junior Jasmine Bhatia said. 

Many people travel somewhere for Thanksgiving.  

“On Thanksgiving, my family usually goes to my cousins house in Baltimore and every year we play a family game of two hand touch football…[and then we sit] around the table, [and]…everyone says something that they’re thankful for.” ,” Bhatia said. 

Another student at Langley, Freshman Talia-Rose Diorio, has a different Thanksgiving tradition. 

For every Thanksgiving, Talia goes to her grandparent’s house in New Jersey, they wake up early in the morning to watch the Macy’s Day Parade with her family.  

“We have a blessing jar, one full of black paper and one empty, we all write what we are thankful for and then we guess who wrote it at the dinner table,” Diorio said 

Diorio plays an exciting game with her family.  

“We play a puzzle game, it’s always a competitive game to see who puts in the last piece, and last year my grandfather always wins because he hind in his pockets!!” said Diorio. 

Thanksgiving is an important event for students at Langley. “Thanksgiving is important to our family and is an excuse for all of my family to get together and spend time with each other.” Bhatia said.  

“Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday” Diorio said.   

A math teacher at Langley Adam Sawtari said “It’s always great to celebrate good times with family and friends.”                

Thanksgiving is not only a time to celebrate what families are thankful for but also a time where people could go out and shop in stores, it’s a great way to fill up closets or kitchen materials. “It’s a national holiday and the kick off of the shopping season!!”said Sawtari.   

Before Talia and her family gets ready for the big meal, every year her aunts would have a pie or stuffing baking contest. “My grandfather, cousins, and I vote on who made the best food” said Diorio. 

Some food that goes on the dinner table on Thanksgiving would be the most common one, Turkey. “Mainly Turkey and the usual side-dishes , but we also like to add some middle-eastern and Mediterranean food to the table” said Sawtari. 

“We have organic traditional food and some of it is gluten free” said Diorio. 

On the week of Thanksgiving, there is no school Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday and this gives Langley students and teachers time to get ready for Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is a great way for students and teachers to spend quality time with their family. 

“I like to spend time with my family because it brings us closer since we live so far and we enjoy each other company” said Diorio.