Apple vs. Spotify

Mia Givens, Staff Writer

Spotify is a music streaming app that could be giving Apple’s iTunes a run for its money. Launched in 2008 in Sweden, Spotify gives listeners the option to listen to music instantly, no prior downloading required. Although the streaming is free, users pay around $11.22/month for Spotify Premium. With Spotify Premium, users can listen to high quality music uninterrupted, and they also have the ability to download and listen to music offline. Spotify Free still offers listeners a wide variety of music, though there are some disadvantages. Some include advertisements between songs, inability to stream offline, and bad sound quality. These minor issues definitely aren’t stopping people from the switch of Apple to Spotify.

With the new IOS update, Apple completely changed the face of its music. Now, rather than purchasing music by individual song or album, apple offers artist-based radio stations and a free Apple Music trial for 3 months. Apple Music is very similar to Spotify, in that you can stream any music offline for the price of $10/month. Reports have shown that there have been 15 million new users giving Apple Music a spin. These new users were mostly people who recently bought Apple’s iPhone 6s. Users of the new Apple Music have also said that Apple now plays music as well as competitors, Spotify and Pandora. The new update may help Apple make a comeback.

At Langley, Spotify is much more popular than Apple Music among students. 78 of the 100 students listen to Spotify. Freshman Rachel Cunningham says, “Apple Music is a bigger flop than Big Time Rush.” Another enthusiast of Spotify is Reem Alathari, who states, “Spotify is more reliable. With Apple Music, you have to get the update, so people with other phones can’t use that.” With the majority of other students agreeing, Spotify definitely takes home the gold medal.

As for the other 22 students interviewed, the main reason they still listen to music purchased from iTunes is mostly because they don’t know what Spotify is or they were already using iTunes before Spotify existed. Only time can tell who will take over the music world.