Review: Beyoncé by Beyoncé

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Beyoncé’ consistently delivers chart-toppers like Beyoncé.

Minh Pham, Reporter

In this day and age, we are seldom given the opportunity to witness dominant and authoritative monarchs govern the modern world. However, there remains one all-powerful and celestial empress, effortlessly conducting pop culture: Beyoncé.

For two and half years, the “Bey-hive” endured a musical drought, until their prayers were finally met in December of 2013. On Friday the 13th no less, Beyoncé released a 31 track “visual” album, consisting of 14 original songs and 17 music videos, trumping all other pop culture releases for (arguably) the past year. Without using any promotions whatsoever, Beyoncé managed to dominate the music charts and overtake every iTunes banner within a matter of hours. Beyoncé sold over three million copies in under two months and was highly praised for showcasing Beyoncé’s newfound musical diversity.

I’m sure you’ve heard all the buzz about Beyoncé’s new album, but let me assure you the hype is real. One would think it to be nearly impossible to follow the critically acclaimed and hit album 4, but if anyone were to do the impossible, it’d be Queen Bey. Beyoncé has truly done it again. Honestly speaking, I cannot think of a single thing about the album not to like. Beyoncé has it all. Featuring stellar vocals, rich beats, and contributions from hit performers such as Drake, Frank Ocean, and even two-year-old Blue Ivy Carter, this album has something for everyone. Beyoncé is a magical mix of R&B, Pop, and everything in between, beautifully showcasing Beyoncé’s musical versatility and boundless skillset. From clubbangers like Yoncé, to pop ballads like Pretty Hurts, to chart toppers like XO and Drunk in Love, Beyoncé is, simply put,  flawless (pun intended). With the release of her album, I have 14 new songs that I can easily call “my jam,” and could not be happier with how the album turned out. Long live the Queen.