Review: How I Met Your Mother Season 9

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The celebrated sitcom is coming to an end.

Minh Pham, Reporter

“Challenge accepted.” That was my response to having to review my all time favorite television program and that now internationally known phrase from one of today’s most celebrated sitcoms.

How I Met Your Mother, arguably one of the best television shows ever (although I am biased), is a brilliant combination of satirical pop culture references, raunchy jokes, mid-life crises, romantic comedy, with a dash of classic immaturity. Unfortunately, the 28 time Emmy nominated sitcom is coming to a close with its ninth season, which is currently airing this year.

To be completely honest, although How I Met Your Mother is my favorite program, I’ve been largely disappointed by its past few seasons (7 and 8). In comparison to its strong start in 2006 and its beginning seasons, the newer episodes featured disappointingly tired scripts and hackneyed humor. Not bad episodes, by any means, but it did not reach the high par that How I Met Your Mother had established for itself. However, I am very glad to say that this is not true of its 9th season.

The current episodes of How I Met Your Mother season 9 have been sensational. Simply sensational. The show has been losing thier “try hard” punchlines and laugh tracks and bringing back the laid back, but classic humor that had fans hooked from season one.

I am extremely impressed with the show’s ability to incorporate new characters and reveal mysterious details about past ones, and at the same time allowing viewers to love these characters like we’ve known them for years. Moving at a fast pace, seeing as there is much to be revealed and brought into the script (as Ted has still not met the mother), season 9 of How I Met Your Mother has been able retain its hilarious humor and please supporters with a quickly developing plot without becoming cheesy or too action packed.

Somehow, the show has had me simultaneously doubling over with laughter and sitting on the edge of my seat with suspense. The loveable characters in their exciting new environment has given the How I Met Your Mother a refreshing revival, and it is fantastic. It can easily be said that season 9 is among the show’s best seasons, with viewers anxiously anticipating each coming episode, and I have a feeling that the How I Met Your Mother finale will not disappoint; it will be simply “legend- wait for it- dary.”