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#Hashtags taking over Langley

Aimee Cho

Ashley Ryan, Copy Editor

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Twitter is becoming the new Facebook. Students around Langley are switching from muploads (mobile uploads) to twitpics (Twitter pictures) and from amassing Facebook friends to trying to get more Twitter followers.

But what makes Twitter so new and exciting? While on Facebook, posters have to worry how many people will ‘like’ their status, on Twitter they can speak their mind. And if anyone doesn’t like what a person is saying, there is a simple “unfolllow” button to solve that problem. Another great thing about Twitter is #hashtags.The # symbol has gone from the quiet shift+3 space of the early 2000s to a commonly used character. But what exactly is it used for? These are some of the most #hashtagged phrases right now, and how you non-tweeters can interpret them.

1. #TAM- That Awkward Moment- used because students ofLangleyjust have the most awkward lives

2. #NP- Now Playing – we like music

3. #LHSproblemz-Langley High School Problems. Our lives are so hard!

4. #YOLO- You Only Live Once. Made popular by the songs of Drake, Lil Wayne and other rappers, YOLO encourages people to live in the moment and take risks.

5. #thatsuperlonghastagthatisusuallyirrevalent- usually misused, this hashtag is meant to sum up the whole tweet

6. #firstworldproblems- the softest of all problems

7. #butactually- despite how you thought that the person was kidding, they actually aren’t

8. #throwback- even though we are only 14-18, we still like to remember the good old days

9. #obvi- even though you didn’t know, you should have

10. #lol – Laugh Out Loud- when people use this one, they are usually not laughing out loud

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Bringing you the latest at Langley
#Hashtags taking over Langley