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The Langley band has already featured two of Craig Hunter's percussion compositiosn in past concerts, with a third planned for this spring.

Miriam Ahmed, Managing Editor

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Craig Hunter is one student that marches to the beat of his own drum, only fitting considering he is a well-established percussionist. Currently a senior, Hunter’s prodigious musical ability and indisputable talent for composing are renowned throughout the Langley band/orchestra community.   

The Langley band has featured two of Hunter’s percussion ensembles—one at last year’s spring band concert and the other most recently at the holiday band performance. Currently, he is writing his third percussion piece to be performed this spring.

Hunter was first introduced to music through the piano at the age of five. The idea of composing was especially intriguing to him. During middle school, Hunter became increasingly involved with musical pursuits, taking up percussion in seventh grade. Having taken a brief break from composing during his years spent in middle school, Hunter returned to the hobby the summer before entering sophomore year.

As time progressed and Hunter became further acquainted with composing, thus, gaining recognition among family and friends. His repertoire varies from percussion ensembles to orchestrations, and even the occasional rock song.

“I’m composing all the time, and I’ve had requests by the school band, school orchestra and a group called Flutopia to write music for them to play,” said Hunter.  “I dream of becoming a famous composer, and my highest hope would be to compose soundtracks for films. But the arts are the most competitive thing you can possibly go into, and even if you have talent, there is no guarantee you will get a well-paying job.”

Following high school, Hunter plans to pursue a career in engineering, as his dominant interests lie in science and math. However, music will still be ever-present in his life after high school, as he plans to minor in music and continue to compose and play.

Additional reporting and writing done by Rosie Brock

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A Musical Mind