Don’t Cry for Me Langley Students, The Truth is I Never Left You

The Saxon Writing Center Returns

The Saxon Writing Center is back, but in a slightly different way. Rather than being a class that happens during lunches, the Writing Center now occurs during Langley Links on the last day of the week, and Wednesdays after school.

The Head of Langley’s English Department, Susan Broad, is the sponsor for the Saxon Writing Center. 

“The Saxon Writing Center is a place where all students at Langley high school can go to get help on writing any kind of writing, for a class, an essay, a lab report, essay they have to write for an application or something like that,” Broad said.

The Writing Center used to be a class that happened during lunches, making it convenient for students to drop in and get help on any assignment. “It served everybody during lunch and all four lunches every day. So it gave students more of an opportunity to come. Whereas this is all only afterschool during line and links. So it’s a little more limited in terms of how many people we can see,” said Broad.

Broad finds sponsoring the Saxon Writing Center a very rewarding experience. “My favorite part has always been listening to students when they work with their peers and hearing the same things I would say to them in their classes. Things like you need to make sure you explain the why, develop your ideas and then to hear students say that to their peers, the exact same words and, and,then seeing how it clicks with those students.

Senior Melanie Chuh is the president of the Saxon Writing Center. She has always wanted to be a tutor. “I’d always wanted to tutor at the writing center since I was a freshman,so I was talking to one of my friends last year, cause I wanted to know how do I become one of the writing center tutors? She said, ‘oh, we’re actually not having the writing center next year.’ And I was like, ‘what?’ So then I reached out to Ms. Broad about that. She wanted to keep it going, it just had to be in club form. She needed a student to come to her with the idea for the club, so I did.”