Chicago Star Takes the Stage Again

Jamie Goodson performed as one of the stars in Harvey, the fall play


Ashley Saxenian

Jamie Goodson and her fellow castmate, Thomas Miner, performing in Harvey on December 2nd. She played Veta Louise Simmons, the sister of Elwood P. Dowd.

Ashley Saxenian, Staff Writer

Many students have performed on the Saxon Stage, but one student, Jamie Goodson, has created a lasting legacy.  Goodson has been in a multitude of plays, such as Chicago, Almost Maine, 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee, Book of Days, Little Women, and more.

“I’ve been doing theater my whole life.  When I was 5, I played a munchkin in the Wizard of Oz at a ballet studio, and then from then on I just did whatever production I could.  My sister is really into theater, my mom is really into theater, so just every school I’ve been to, I did theater there, and outside of my schools too,” Goodson said.

Goodson        performed in Harvey, and worked very hard to prepare for her role.

“At first I was kind of apprehensive about it because I was thinking ‘what is this show, I’ve never heard of it’ and it’s from the 1930s, but the rehearsal process and reading it so many times has definitely changed my mind.  It has so many good messages and it’s also hilarious….The characters are so much fun to play, it’s just a crazy story,” Goodson stated about the play.

In Harvey, Goodson played Veta Louise Simmons, the sister of Elwood P. Dowd.

“…She’s kind of crazy and she’s kind of savvy a little bit because she really cares about wealth and she’s trying to move herself up in society…but she has really good values, she’s really sweet in the end, [and] she really cares about her family and her daughter…” Goodson said about her character.

Valerie Karasek, the head of the Langley theater department, has been teaching Jamie for years and had nothing but kind words to say about her.

“Jamie is a consummate professional, she has a lot of passion and respect for her craft, and she approaches it with the discipline and the focus of a true artist.  I have no doubt, if she chooses to pursue this as a career, which I hope she does, that we’ll be seeing her name in lights one day on Broadway,” Karasek said.

Goodson        has been associated with the Langley theater program since her freshman year at Langley and has really enjoyed the experience.

“It’s really nice to have a passionate teacher, we have a really supportive principal as well, who throws a lot of his resources into arts.  We have really nice facilities now as well, and we’re kind of like a family,” Goodson said.

Although theater and school are very time consuming and extremely hard to juggle, Goodson finds time to participate in other extracurricular activities.

“I do mostly artistic things, so I take dance classes and I do choir.  I have a YouTube channel and I like to do makeup…I’m really into YouTube and vlogging and stuff like that, and I play guitar,” Goodson said.

Along with her teacher, Goodson’s castmates have nothing but respect for her and her craft.

“Jamie is a great person.  I love working with her, she’s a fantastic actress and singer.  She’s Broadway bound,” Thomas Miner, Jamie’s castmate, said.

Goodson        definitely wants to have a career in theater after high school and is applying to art schools.  Harvey was one of her final plays at Langley, and she couldn’t have been more excited for everyone to see it.

“I think it will be something really special that I don’t think many of the students have been introduced to before.  It’s an old comedy but you can find so much in it and I’m really excited to show the students that stuff in the 1930s can be interesting and fun,” Goodson said.