The Newest Edition to the Saxon Stage

Harvey is set to be the starting play of Langley theater’s 2016-17 school year


The renovated auditorium where Harvey will be performed.

Ashley Saxenian, Staff Writers

The newest play by the Langley theater program, Harvey, will be premiering on December 1st on the recently renovated Saxon Stage.  The play follows a man named Elwood P. Dowd who meets a Pooka, a mischievous spirit of Celtic mythology, named Harvey.  Harvey resembles a giant bunny and only certain people can see him.

With auditions over and the cast chosen, the theater program hopes that Harvey will entertain everyone.

“I’m very excited to be in the play, but I know that it is going to be hard work so I’ll need to be very dedicated. Overall, it’s going to be a great show.”  Thomas Miner, a cast member, said.

In the past, the Langley theater program has been nominated for numerous Cappie Awards, which are awards for different aspects of high school theater productions, and has received many high praises for its plays and actors. For example, in 2014, Langley’s production of The Children’s Hour won two Cappies, and in 2009 its production of Time’s Square 2090 won four Cappies.

“It’s such a unique choice of a play…It seems like the acting part is going to involve different actors in the lead roles, and then the tech part seems like it will be kind of a challenge, but a good challenge, so I’m excited to see it.” Indra Chalk, a parent who has recently had children involved in the Langley theater program, said about Harvey.

Valerie Karasek, the theater teacher at Langley and the person in charge of Harvey, has had a lot of acting experience and has been at Langley for over three years.  Along with choosing the play, she is also in charge of the budget, creating the rehearsal schedule, casting, and almost everything else having to do with Harvey. “My goodness at auditions the talent pool was just so tremendous and it was really difficult to choose.” Ms. Karasek said.

Harvey will be the first play of the year, followed by the musical Gypsy premiering in April.