Langley’s Mysteries: the Haunting History

Langley’s Mysteries: the Haunting History

Michael Levetown, Staff Writer

Students of Langley, you must think the construction of Langley is a good thing because the school is over 50 years old and falling apart.  That is what he wants you to believe. The construction is not good, and the real story was stored away on the fourth floor of Langley under the above ground pool. Yes, the fourth floor. The third flood is the teachers’ weekend hangout spot. Anyways, I went on a mission to save the story, so I could spill the beans and expose it for all.  This story begins in 1765.

The name ‘Langley’ came from Thomas Lee in honor of Langley Manor, which was part of his estate in Shropshire, England. Thomas Lee wanted the Potomac to be the capital of the thirteen colonies.  It is believed that Thomas went skinny dipping in the Potomac with his pet Tiger. Long story short, Native Americans shot him with a bow and arrow and took his Tiger. He was still alive, so they threw him off a cliff. Colonists reported seeing Thomas Lee roaming the area, which is now called Georgetown Pike….years after he died from Mono. Yes, he died from mono not the arrow or the cliff dive. Anyways, the colonists shut off present day Georgetown Pike, and burned his chickens at the stake for a ceremony to free the dead using witchcraft.

In the 1960’s, a bunch of hippies went to the spot of the ceremony and had a drum circle. I know, hippies are the worst. Basically, they unintentionally released Lee’s ghost. When he was finally released, Lee’s ghost was not happy having being locked away for hundreds of years. The year was 1965, and Langley High School was being built. Some genius built it right on top of Lee’s grave! They even knew what they were doing but thought they could appease him by naming the school “Langley.”  They were wrong!

Lee moved into the new school and made his home under the boys’ bathrooms. That is why it is awful in there. This is also why no Langley Football Team has ever won a state championship. This is why Langley sends so few kids to Harvard every year. This is why it has been years since Langley won It’s Academic!  And do you ever wonder why Mr. Ragone left? Is it not obvious?!

After construction started, Mr. Ragone found a note written by the ghost threatening him.  Ragone wanted to keep the ghost contained in the boy’s bathroom so Lee could not do any more damage, but the ghost wanted to be released so he could move around the school and cause hardships for Langley students.  Ragone quit so he could escape Lee.

Mr. Amico knows about the ghost too.  He’s been threatened plenty, but he’s hanging tough. That was until the construction accident the other day! Yep! Lee was released! He decided to make all teachers nice on the first days, but awful for the rest of the year. Did you notice?  Teachers are starting to become haunting and strict. Lee is out and among us! It may be time for you to transfer. No one is safe.