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Mana Afsari
Hey! I’m Mana and Harris LaTeef is my homeboy and Bijan Ethan Todd is basically my life. That’s more or less all you need to know, but I have about 100 words left so…I’m your typical white Persian. Born in Dallas, I speak fluent Farsi, yet as you can see, I don’t look very middle-eastern. These two traits come in handy at Tyson’s Corner, aka the sole employer and second home to every Iranian man, woman, and child in the D.C. area. Alongside my dual ethnicity, I love meeting new people and writing, so naturally journalism is the place for me (jlove!). By the way, I typically go by Mana but I also answer to Brianna or Brie (like the cheese). I love writing opinion, but I’ll occasionally dabble in other sections such as sports (I live and breathe professional soccer). Between my demanding social life (haha not) and endless schoolwork, I manage to find time to perform in vocal competitions and intern for the Terry McAuliffe campaign for governor. Besides Bijan, my bestie for life is my cat, Lady Tubbington the Third (no, there was not a second and first Lady Tubbington). I kickbox, do yoga, and watch a variety of shows from The Office to Blue Mountain State (both canceled, but still quality television). American gangster movies are my guilty pleasure, and frankly, I’d always rather be in Europe.

Mana Afsari, Alumni

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