The Saxon Scope

2017-2018 Staff

Matt Angles

Managing Editor of Writing

Howdy. My name is Matt Angles, and I'm a senior this year. My extracurriculars include baseball, journalism, and golf, but most importantly I'm the founder of Langley's Crossword society with the esteemed Elias Thrasher, Langley's...

Matthew Feinstein


Hi, I am Matthew Feinstein. I am a senior and this is my third year in high school journalism. I attended Cooper Middle School where I took journalism for two years. I am a member of the golf team and the Journalism, Spanish,...

Kaitlyn O'Connor


The sounds of a keyboard encompass my room at any given time. Researching, writing, and constantly searching for new information. Always being on the go i can be found anywhere from a best buddies meetings to reviewing high school...

Tucker Harrell


Hi I'm Tucker Harrell and I'm a senior this year! I'm a big sports guy, and I love to write. When I'm not on the basketball court, you can find me blogging, usually on my website Hail Saxons!

Jennifer Saxenian


I'm Jen and I'm excited to be a senior working on my fourth year with the Saxon Scope. I enjoy designing pages for the Scope and I also work on the Saxon Stage productions.

Chris Dillard

Managing Editor of Online

Hello, my name is Chris Dillard and I’m the Managing Editor for the online section in the Saxon Scope. I travel around the country to play in high-level golf tournaments. I am also captain for the Varsity golf team at...

Raneem Khan


Hi, my name is Raneem Khan and I'm a junior here at Langley, starting my 3rd year of journalism! I love to bake for fun, and I even have my own cake business. In addition to baking, I like experimenting with makeup on m...

Hannah Curtis

Managing Editor of Design

Hey guys I'm Hannah Rae Curtis, daughter of the loving and stunning John and Lysol. Reaching new heights at a mere 6'3&1/2", senior year is off to a great start as I am one of two esteemed design managing editor...

Sarah Campness


Sarah Champness (noun): small, volatile jew. As one of your exposé columnists, I am super excited to expose Langley through investigative journalism. Not only do I expose, but I decompose. Compost, that is. I am a H...

Benjamin Howlett

Managing Editor of Writing

Hey, my name is Ben Howlett. I am a managing editor of writing for the 2017-2018 school year. I first joined The Saxon Scope when I was a freshman, and I have learned to love the class more and more. It has become a part...

Rebecca Canfield

Managing Editor of Design

Hello!! My name is Rebecca Canfield and I am one managing editor of design this year. I am about 5'4," a mere shrimping one might say. My hobbies include knitting, scrapbooking, coin collecting, indoor rock climbing, and moana....

Lauren Markwart

Editor in Chief

Hello! My name is Lauren Markwart and I am the Editor-in-Chief of the Saxon Scope for the 2017-2018 school year. I'm am beyond excited for this year in journalism! I am so excited to work with the entire staff to bring the Langley...

Brian Feinstein


Hi I'm Brian Feinstein. I play basketball and golf for Langley. Outside of school I watch TV and go hunting with my uncle. Over the summers I visit Shelter Island on Long Island and travel across the country for golf tournaments....

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