Langley Spring Sports Tryouts

Spring sports tryouts start next week

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Langley Spring Sports Tryouts

Eve Heisel, Staff Writer

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While tryouts may be a month away, Langley athletes are already preparing to give it their all on the field, court, and track. Tryouts for Langley’s Spring Sports will begin the week of February 19th and continue through Friday, February 23rd. All tryouts will start at 3:30pm on the Langley campus and participants will need all paperwork completed for playing eligibility.

Many athletes have been training for months with specific plans for their success; coaches leading green days, sport-specific training practices, are helping others.

“[For training], I would practice long runs or sprints.” Sophomore Soccer Player, Natasha Sayegh, said. “I would also do scrimmages and work on my footwork.”

Not only are student athletes preparing intensively for the tryouts, the coaches also have a big part to play.

“As a coaching staff, we need to assemble the list of athletes that are ready to tryout,” Track Distance Coach Heather Detwiler, from Lake Anne Elementary School, said. “We’ll hold a spring track interest meeting to attract athletes, [however] we won’t have green day conditioning.”

Coaches will be keeping a close watch on players at tryouts, looking for the skills and ability of players needed on the team.

“We’re looking for quick athletes who have a great dedication to running,” Detwiler said. “We used to give specific tryout times for the different events, but in recent seasons we’ve gone away from giving specific times and [have] just [started] ranking athletes from fastest time to slowest time, making cuts off if needed.”

When trying out, Detwiler recommends athletes think about what their coach would expect to see from them and use that as a goal in their tryout performance.

“We expect them [athletes] to show up to practice ready to go for tryouts,” She said, “With all their forms and paperwork turned in, dressed appropriately.”

Although tryouts may seem easy and straightforward, athletes are often intimidated or even scared to tryout. Many athletes struggle with obstacles.

“Definitely one of my biggest drawbacks would be staying focused, [however], reminding myself that no matter what happens it’ll all turn out okay, helps,” Sophomore Softball player, Caroline Simone, said. “It is definitely one of the best tryout sessions of the year!”

Tryouts may seem like a hassle to some, but many athletes are glad to have the opportunity and competition.

“Remember to just stay calm,” Sophomore Runner, Bella Shapiro, said, “just know that you’re doing your best.”