A Romantic Comedy Aimed at Undermining Just That

Casey Charron, Reporter

While some people manage to devote their entire lives to their romantic relationships, the best of us find ourselves spending a lot of time learning the art of being single. Although it may seem like a daunting task, those lacking a significant other can find their key to riding solo in a romantic comedy that hit theaters on Valentine’s Day weekend.

Led by a female-dominated cast, How to Be Single follows Robin, played by Rebel Wilson, in her quest to enlighten others with a lifestyle that she has come to master. In particular, Robin uses her expertise to help Alice, played by Dakota Johnson, navigate her life as she decides to take a break from her relationship with her long-term boyfriend. Together, they take on the streets of New York City in pursuit of a life without commitment.

There is no denying that How to Be Single fell a little short of a movie to remember. Not to mention, with a message that’s very purpose seems to be undermining romantic comedies, it managed to end up being a romantic comedy itself. However, even with its cheesy features like voice overs and montages, it’s the individual moments of laughter provided for by Rebel Wilson’s comedic talent that make watching it worthwhile. Aside from the humor, Dakota Johnson and Leslie Mann’s well-developed characters helped to bring more emotion to the scene, as well as present relatable, natural situations to the audience. Overall, if you are looking for something to make you laugh, cry, and give you some life advice, check out How to Be Single.