Science Fair

Shrey Dua, Staff Writer

When I signed up for Honors chemistry last year, I was looking forward to two things: a .5 gpa boost and a faster paced class. I figured that when the science fair came around, I would do what all the other sophomores did last year, sign up for Pulsar.  But this year, things have changed. No longer can the stresses of proposal papers, annotated bibliographies, and billboards be easily avoided. Pulsar no longer fulfills the science fair requirement for honors chemistry students.

Although there are clubs that do fulfill the science fair requirement, the competition is steep; as in one hundred students with the same goal as you steep. Robotics, engineering, science Olympiad, and envirathon, only accept a small amount of applicants, and telling them you want to join the club, to avoid having to do the science fair doesn’t help your chances.

The stresses science fair in tales is simply unpleasant; it seems to be always hovering over you, whispering in your ear about the various assignments and deadlines that are due sooner rather than later.  Along with finals, and  SOL’s, it seems science fair looms over you just the same.