Spring Sport Uncertainty


As sporting events around the world start to reopen, what’s the plan for Langley and the rest of FCPS spring sports?” “It was uncertain what would happen to FCPS spring sports, as sporting events around the world began to open. Langley and Mclean students offered their thoughts on what is to happen”

Philip Bogdanov, Reporter

With all FCPS schooling taking place online, the pressure for spring sports to happen is higher than ever. There is yet to be an official update on the recurring process, but currently,  spring sports are on schedule for an official start in late February. 

Some FCPS students gave their predictions on how the season will change in regards to current experience and club sports.

“Obviously, safety comes first so everyone is going to be wearing masks and following proper safety precautions. Depending on whether a vaccine will be out by this time will also affect whether we play or not,” Langley senior, Luca Seng said.

Luca plays varsity soccer for Langley and has been on a constant club team in the past. He reflects that external factors such as a possible outbreak or vaccine success can be the deciding factor whether sports happen or not.

“We will need to wear masks during practices and when we are on the bench for games. Also, inside facilities, we will need to follow proper safety precautions.” Luca Seng said. He thinks it will be very similar to what his current situation with Mclean Soccer Club is. This is his prediction for what will happen during the spring season when compared to the state of his club soccer. 

At other schools, students are incredibly optimistic about the upcoming months as well.

“Football is something I’ve played since I was a kid and I love doing it every year. If it gets taken away from me I will be angry” Yorktown’s safety , Dominic Lowe said. Of course it was meant with humor intended, but many people will be disappointed if they do not occur.

The future of close contact sports such as football, lacrosse, and soccer are still in question, although club sports around the nation have been in process since the summer, closer contact could potentially lead to a greater spread, something the FCPS administration will have to consider. 

“Sports such as track and field, cross country, and baseball will be able to happen due to their somewhat spread out dynamic.” Langley senior, Cole Withers said. Uncertainty about all sports is in the air, as all athletes are waiting to hear an official statement from the administration.

“Luckily, the administration that determines what sports can happen are keeping safety as their number one priority and most important factor. Other than this, I think they are looking at two determining factors in regards to letting us play. These two factors are Virginia’s total cases/rate of infection and vaccine progress. These two statistics will give them a good indication of whether or not it will be safe to let athletes play.” Cole Withers said. These will be the statistics that may make or break the decision process. 

Athletes urge FCPS to let spring sports continue. For all grade levels, sports are an essential bonding experience that will be remembered for life. Hopefully we will all have an opportunity for this to occur in the coming months.