Among Us Do’s and Don’ts

Among Us Gameplay

Among Us Gameplay

Sydney Miller, Reporter

“Among Us,” a multiplayer mobile game released back in June 2018, has recently gained popularity.  According to Langley Sophomore Bebe Khorrami, the majority of the game’s traction stems from social media exposure. 

“I First heard about ‘Among Us’ on Tiktok,” Khorrami said. “The game just kept slowly popping up on my recommended page and then it became a trend to play.”

In the game, a player can be one of two roles, an imposter or a crewmate. The imposter’s main objective is to kill everyone without being caught and sabotage the ship. The role of a crewmate is to complete the tasks they are given while avoiding being killed by the imposter. The crewmates must also look out for suspicious behaviour and vote out the imposter before everyone is killed.

There are six simple steps to playing the game. First, select if you want to play a public or private game. Private games are best played with friends while public games are great for meeting new people as the program randomly groups strangers together. In order to enter a private game, the host of the private game should provide you with a code. The game serves as a great bonding experience as its limited number of four to ten people at a time facilitates conversation and a sense of camaraderie through evading murder.

After joining a game, players can choose the setting or background and the desired number of imposters, ranging from one to three. Once in the game players will receive their role assignment of either imposter or crewmate and begin playing. The steps taken to win will differ depending on the role given.

When crewmates find a “dead body,” the term used to describe a fellow crewmate murdered by an imposter, they can report it and everyone will discuss the events leading up to the murder. At the end of each meeting, voting will take place and players will vote for who they believe the imposter is. The game continues until the imposter is voted out of the game or the imposter kills everyone, claiming victory for themselves. It is important to note that when a crewmate dies they can still win by completing their tasks as a ghost, but they cannot participate in the voting process.

As this game has become more popular, frequent players have picked up some tips and tricks that they often use to secure victory. McLean High School sophomore Jayden Vargas has specific recommendations on how to stay alive as a crewmate.

“If you are a crewmate you should avoid going into rooms with other players alone,” Vargas said. Vargas warns against wandering around alone during the game as it leaves you more susceptible to being murdered by an imposter.

On the other hand, Langley High School junior and ‘Among Us’ veteran Angelina Nguyen has a few suggestions and helpful strategies on how to become a more successful imposter.

“If you are the imposter, you should always have an alibi and try to vouch for other players to gain their trust,” said Nguyen. “Try to attract as little attention to yourself as possible. Just try to blend in.”

Regardless of what role you are assigned, it is clear that the game’s simplicity and few rules is one of the reasons why Among us skyrocketed in popularity. Ultimately, this quick and easy game is perfect for playing when you are bored at home, in between classes, or when they want something fun to do with friends.