Movie Review: The Internship


On June 7, The Internship was released starring Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson.

Sabir Hathiramani, Reporter

The dynamic duo of Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn has paired up once again in the brand new movie the Internship. Previously performing back in 2005 in the massive hit film Wedding Crashers, Wilson and Vaughn have done it again, making the Internship a must-see movie of summer 2013. From all the movies I have seen is last six months of 2013, this was probably one if not my favorite.

The movie focuses around two middle-aged “technologically challenged” men who are encompassed in an atmosphere of whiz kids and brainiacs all working for one of the biggest companies in the world: Google. After being fired from their previous job selling watches, they seek an internship at Google hoping for permanent positions. Little did they know, they were going to be working with college kids who are very technologically advanced. Due to unorthodox interview responses, the two get the job as interns.

During the job, the two “dinosaurs” as previously called by their preceding employer due to their lack of technological knowledge are paired up in teams. Their first task as a group is to create an application with the goal of getting the most downloads.  After I found out they had to create an application for one of their tasks, I knew that they would create something outrageous, something no other intern would have come up with.

The men who are looked upon as the underdogs of the team did not actually come up with the idea but they inspired it. The two men decide to take the team to a gentlemen’s club in which many of the other members felt uncomfortable, but after consuming numerous alcoholic beverages, the group decides to create an application that guards against irresponsible phone usage while under the influence. They later won the competition earing them the most downloads.

In all honesty, I did not think they were going to win because aren’t there a lot of other applications that do the same thing? But I guess I was wrong. At parts I laughed so hard that I have almost started to cry, while at other parts, I actually began to yawn. One particular hysterical moment in the movie was when the interns are in a session which goes over the DO’s and DONT’S of the job.

The movie continues on with technical presentations during which Wilson begins to flirt with Dana, an executive. Surprisingly, Wilson starts to take interest in the subject while Vaughn does not as much. Feeling left out, another intern who goes by the name “Headphones” steps in and agrees to help Vaughn on the topic of technical information. I thought this was kind of weird considering “Headphones” comes out of nowhere to help him. After the assistance from Headphones, Vaughn is still shaky on the subject and he forgets to correctly log his calls for review during the presentation earning the team zero points. Feeling depressed, Vaughn ends up leaving Google to go work for his former employer.

This was probably my least favorite part of the movie because Vaughn really did make the movie funny with lots of jokes creating a joyous atmosphere. Then the final challenge is introduced and it is to find the most successful company to advertise with Google. Out of the two characters, Vaughn was probably my favorite.  By the time the final challenge starts, the team does not want to continue on without Vaughn. So Wilson reaches out Vaughn and they attract a pizzeria for their company. At the final competition, they end up winning and will receive jobs at the prestigious Google. After all that mayhem, there was no way in a million years did I think they would win the jobs at Google. But in the back of my head, I kind of knew they would due to the fact that usually movies end in a positive manner.

After spending nearly two hours in the movie theater, I would definitely recommend this movie to my fellow peers. Even though some parts are boring others are hysterical making up for the boring parts. The plot was very easy to follow allowing me to sit back and relax and further enjoy the movie. Furthermore, the movie was very unlike other movies today making it seem more appealing to watch it. The duo of Wilson and Vaughn were not as great as in their previous movie together, Wedding Crashers but they definitely left a lasting impression on me. On a scale of 1-5, I would rate this movie a 4 out of 5.