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A Team Through Thick and Thin

Courtesy of Lauren Meeker

Arianna Talaie, Feature Editor

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Without the slightest doubt or reservation, the Langley Model United Nations club is truly, in fact, a team. It is a supportive unit that crossed state lines in order to compete despite a snowstorm, a determined group who not only found a way, but a made a way to attend the most imperative conference of the year, and the only Fairfax County school that brought home awards and represented its community to the highest degree.

Fairfax County’s decision to cancel all school-sponsored activities and the inconvenient implosion of snow was certainly not enough to stop the Langley Model United Nations team from rallying up parent drivers and venturing off to Philadelphia. Despite the absence of teacher sponsors, the team nonetheless participated in the Ivy League Model United Nations Conference XXVII hosted by the University of Pennsylvania where many individual victories soon followed.

“Counting partners, we had 23 out of 31 team members win some type of award,” said senior and Secretary General Will Mannon. “It was a fantastic showing for the Langley Model United Nations team.”

ILMUNC has been rated one of the top five most prestigious high school conferences in the nation. The four-day conference attracted private and public schools from around the nation where more than 3,000 student delegates collectively partook in fierce debate, resolution-making and the infamous delegate dance. Unlike Langley’s top regional competitor, Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology, who did not even make it to the conference, Langley outcompeted its local contenders mentally and physically.

All in all, ILMUNC certainly underlined the values of teamwork through times of thick and thin. Langley Model United Nations proved to not only serve as a high school club, but a team as well—a truly unstoppable one.


Verbal – Chris Roman

Honorable – Meredith Gallo & Andrew Havasy

Bolivarian Alliance

Honorable – Tarun Sharma

Counter Terrorism JCC

Honorable – Shams Haidari

Historic General Assembly

Honorable – Gray Decker

Terrorists JCC:

Best – Tyler Planto


Best – Mujtaba Wani & Muskan Mumtaz


Outstanding – Margo Swomley


Honorable – Miriam Ahmed 


Outstanding – Bradley Cheng

Verbal – Gabriella Gricius


Verbal – Alvin Kuai


Verbal – Rahul Sharma

Status of Women

Honorable – Arianna Talaie & Lauren Meeker

Outstanding – Sabrina Khan & Sun Park


Honorable – Alexcia Chambers

Verbal – Garrett Durig

Vietnamese Quagmire

Outstanding – Will Mannon

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A Team Through Thick and Thin