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2016-2017 Staff

Ashley Long

Editor In Chief

I'm Ashley, Editor-in-Chief of the Saxon Scope for the 2016-2017 school year. I've been in journalism at Langley since freshman year and I've only grown to love it more and more. I realized after freshman year that this is what ...

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Nik Popli

Managing Editor

Hi, I’m Nik Popli! It's an honor to serve as Managing Editor of The Saxon Scope in my final year at Langley HS. In four years of student journalism, I've learned so much about my interest in connecting with our community to...

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Ben Howlett

Managing Editor

Hello, my name is Ben Howlett. This is my third year as a part of the Saxon Scope staff, and my first year as a managing editor. I have had experience in an editor position as I worked as an opinion editor last year. I am excited...

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Sarah Campos

News Editor

Hey everyone! I'm Sarah Campos, a senior and swimmer at Langley. I enjoy reading (books make great pillows), writing (doodling), taking naps (for several hours) and hanging out with my friends....

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Hannah Curtis

Feature Editor

My name is Hannah Curtis and this is my third year in journalism. I am a junior this year and am so excited to be back with the scope! In addition to journalism, I play on the varsity volleyball team and will be playing for a club ...

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Lauren Markwart

Opinion Editor

My name is Lauren Markwart and I am a junior at Langley. I am the Opinion Editor of the Saxon Scope. This is my third year in journalism and I am so excited for another year with the jfam. Outside of journalism, I love to dance,...

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Donya Momenian

Lifestyle Editor

My name is Donya Momenian. I am a senior and this is my third year of journalism. I write a bit of everything, but I usually write for the lifestyle section. I love fashion, food, trends, and more. You can find me trying out ...

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Matt Angles

Sports Editor

Sah, dude?  I’m Matthew Angles, and I’m addicted to holding on to dead fads long after they die.  Am I right? *dab*  Speaking of things that die, RIP Harambe.  On a more serious note, Wrong. There is nothing more serious...

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Chris Dillard

Online Editor

Hello my name is Chris Dillard and I’m the official one and only editor of the online section of the Saxon Scope. I love to play golf and travel around the country to play in high-level competition tournaments, although...

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Ben Johnson

Online Editor

I'm Ben Johnson and I'm a Junior here at Langley High School. This is my third year taking journalism and being apart of the Saxon Scope. Last year I helped run the Saxon Scope website as the online editor. In my free time you can c...

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Elizabeth Ellinger

Business Executive

Hi, my name is Elizabeth Ellinger and I am a senior at Langley High School. This is my fourth year taking Journalism and I am the Business Executive. This is my third year working in the business section. I also will be managing...

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Nikki Orsolini

Design Editor

​Hi, my name is Nikki and I do not write. :)​

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Isabella Alvarez

Staff Writer

Hi my name is Isabella Alvarez and I am a senior at Langley and I did Journalism freshman year and I decided to come back my senior year. I love writing, fashion, and ballet.

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Tobias Anthony

Staff Writer

Welcome to journalism profile for the 2015-2016 school year.  I am currently in my junior year of high school. Some of the things that I enjoy to do are play basketball, doodle, and watch TV. I read the newspaper every single...

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McKenna Appleton


I am a sophomore here at Langley and this is also my first year on the staff. I'm really excited to contribute to the paper and the yearbook and express my ideas into my work. I am an athlete so stories about sports are w...

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Lauren Cain

Staff Writer

My name is Lauren Cain and I am a 15 year old sophomore. I play the piano competitively and I play travel soccer. I really enjoy Journalism, and I find it really interesting to talk to so many people and experience so many...

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Rebecca Canfield

Photo Editor

Hi, I'm Becca Canfield! I'm a junior and third year staff member of the Saxon Scope. I'm a dedicated crocs and Birkenstocks enthusiast. I also love Mac n' cheese and sugar snap peas, or anything Mason bakes. Besides food and...

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Sarah Champness

Staff Writer

Hey! My name is Sarah Champness and I am currently a Junior here at Langley and this is my third year on the Saxon Scope Staff. In my free time, I love to write in my diary (jlove 4eva!), playing soccer, and watching tasty videos....

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David Donovan


Hi im david. Im excited to right about all cool shindigs this school has to offer. Have a nice day.

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Alexandra Dubois

Staff Writer

Hi! My name is Alex Dubois and this is my fourth year with the Saxon Scope. I'm looking forward to my last year at Langley and my last year at the Scope. I'll be spending the first half of the year swamped with all things college...

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Cameron Edgington

Staff Writer

Hey, my name is Cameron Edgington, and I'm a Junior at Langley this year! I'm a member of the band, debate team, and I hurdle on the track team. Although it's my first year with the Saxon Scope, I enjoy writing, and I'm excited...

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Sami El-Rafey

Staff Writer

My name is Sami El-Rafey I am a Senior at Langley and I am on the football and basketball team. I am really tall.

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Will Fischler

Staff Writer

My name is Will Fischler. I like to eat food and watch football. I have two dogs one named Gracie one named Henry. My favorite thing to do is dunk on people on an 8 foot hoop.

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Alex Fishman

Staff Writer

Hello everyone, my name is Alex Fishman and I am a junior. My hobbies include Speech and Debate(which I highly recommend joining), chess, and ping pong(you might find me playing at lunch). I joined journalism this year because...

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Jack Gagnon


Hi! I'm Jack Gagnon, and I'm a senior at Langley. Though this is my first year on staff, I've been stalking the Saxon Scope team for years now. I was finally able to fit Journalism into my schedule for my last year, and it is...

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Mia Givens

Staff Writer

Hi my name is Mia. This is my second year writing for the Saxon Scope. I like to be involved at Langley, whether it is going to football games with friends or participating in school sports. I am looking forward to this upcoming...

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Mason Greenblatt

Staff Writer

Hi I'm Mason Greenblatt. I enjoy swimming and running cross country for Langley. In my free time I like to bake cakes, waffles, and Mac and cheese. This past summer I tried learning how to play the ukulele. Also, I am a passionate...

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Tasmia Haq

Creative Design Director

Hello, my name is Tasmia, and I'm a senior at Langley High school. I have been a designer and writer at the Saxon Scope since I was a freshman #jlove. When I'm not Langley, I also love to read, practice karate, surf Netflix and...

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Caitlin Hundley


My name is Caitlin and I can’t wait for my first year participating in the Saxon Scope! I’m a freshmen, but I intend to be a part of the staff many years to come. My goal is to learn more about Langley and experience all that...

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Stephen Hunt

Staff Writer

Hi there! My name is Stephen Hunt and I'm a senior at Langley. As a fun fact this year is my second year taking Journalism because I had so much fun informing Langley’s community. I am currently the assistant drum major for...

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Raneem Khan

Staff Writer

My name is Raneem Khan and I’m a sophomore here at Langley. I love Journalism and writing stories for the Saxon Scope; it’s something that I’m very passionate about and would like to pursue as a possible career choice....

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Anna Krause-Steinrauf


Hi my name is Anna and this is my first year on staff. I am excited to be writing for the scope! I hope to interview many people and keep on top of current news!

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Lia Lee


Hi, I'm Lia Lee. I'm a junior this year and this is my first year in the Saxon Scope staff. I'm in Madrigals choir and look forward to writing stories on the school magazine.

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Darius Moazami


Hi, I'm Darius an outgoing person who loves snowboarding, laying back, and listening to music. I can't touch my toes but I hope one day I could.

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Iain Muir

Staff Writer

Hey, my name is Iain Muir, and I'm a junior at Langley. I play basketball and baseball for the school, as well as with club teams outside of school. When I am not playing sports or hanging out with my friends, I like to play videogames....

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Ashley Saxenian


This is my first year on the Saxon Scope staff and I'm so excited to be able to write some new and interesting articles.

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Jennifer Saxenian

Staff Writer

Hi, I'm Jen and I am a junior here at Langley. This is my third year working on the Saxon Scope and I'm excited to be returning. I love working for the Scope, especially designing pages. I also work for the Saxon Stage productions...

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Mikayla Schoff


As a first year staff member, I am excited to be a part of the Saxon Scope. I hope to write some interesting articles and grow as a journalist.

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Jenna Schwartz


Hi! My name is Jenna Schwartz! I am a sophomore here at Langley and I love politics, writing, and coffee. I am a huge fan of House of Cards so if you ever want to come up and talk to me and bring up Frank Underwood, you will be...

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Maya Snyder


Hi, my name is Maya and I'm a freshman. I hope to have to have a great year in journalism and I'm super excited for my first year on the Saxon Scope staff!

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Cooper Stone

Staff Writer

Hi my name is Cooper Stone I am a senior and I am 17 years old. This is my third year on the Saxon Scope. I take this class because of how fun it presents a challenge on occasion but is extremely fun regardless. In my free...

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Julie Wu


Hi I'm Julie, I'm a senior and this is my first year working on the scope.

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Ms. Mitro


Ms. Mitro is in her fourth year of advising The Saxon Scope. Working with the Scope staff is her favorite thing to do here at Langley. She enjoys seeing the students’ progress from having ideas of what our audience might fi...

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